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About Us

The PaytoStudy Payments Service is provided by Interpay Ltd. trading as Transfermate and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

As market leaders in our core businesses, we have a global network of 20 offices and employ over 600 staff worldwide, headquartered in Ireland, with 3 offices in Dublin and Kilkenny.

Other Companies within Interpay:



TransferMate is a registered business name of Interpay Ltd. TransferMate is a premier provider of international payment solutions for both business and individual clients. TransferMate offers expert market analysis and payment system technologies to help businesses and individuals manage their international payments effectively. TransferMate is a leading non-bank provider of foreign exchange services in Ireland, UK, Australia and New Zealand.



Taxback.com files income tax for the US, UK, Australia and 13 other countries worldwide. Over 130,000 customers working at home and abroad all over the world choose to use our expertise each year to get their tax back.

Our experience and relationships with the IRS and tax authorities around the world means that we get the maximum legal tax refund for our clients and guarantee their compliance with their visa obligations to file a tax return.

Tax Back International

Tax Back International

Tax Back International assists EU and non-EU companies who travel abroad to reclaim VAT charged on expenses such as hotels, conferences and car hire. Tax Back International reclaims VAT from over 38 countries and ensures reclamation of the maximum legal refund possible for our clients.

Property Tax International

Property Tax International

Property Tax International provides a complete taxation solution for overseas property investors. The company can ensure tax compliancy in foreign tax jurisdictions, minimize tax liabilities and maximize the profit potential of your investment abroad.

Our Global Partners

International Banks

Interpay takes advantage of established relationships with a host of financial institutions in each jurisdiction to maximise speed and pass the most competitive foreign exchange rates to clients.


Interpay retains the services of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to audit our annual group and subsidiary companies' records and maintain tax compliance throughout the group.

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    Save Time

    Eliminates most of the administration related to international payments.

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    All accounts are password protected. Enhanced security accounts also include SSL-256-bit encryption. PaytoStudy has also been awarded the TRUSTe Privacy Seal.

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    Save Money

    Removes administration costs and fees that credit card or wire transfers incur which can lead to significant savings for the school.